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Panax Ginseng And Libido


For some reason, ginseng has a reputation as a libido tonic.  In that it will boost your energy levels and improve overall vitality, it could help you in that department.  However, the best tonics for libido in men are typically kidney tonics.

You might have heard of horny goat weed.  I hope you have not taken it.  It is a Chinese herb for your “yang”.  The yang is the hot and male.  The yin is the female and cool.

The problem with this herb is that it should not be taken alone.  It can easily cause hormonal problems.  You will easily (in a two week period) get:

  • Insomnia
  • Irritability
  • Excess facial hair in women (OK, any amount is really an excess)

There are a several really good herbal solutions that will not cause side effects.  My favorite remedy for this is cordyceps.  Cordyceps is a good kidney tonic that can be taken a long time.  It will make your kidneys stronger.  In Chinese medicine, your kidneys are correlated to your libido.

The best solution for men is to take cordyceps power.  Cordyceps power has cordyceps in it, but it also has eucommia bark, which is a stronger yang tonic.  It is not too “hot” like horny goat weed.  It is effective for both genders.  It not only has cordyceps in it, but it has other energy boosting herbs.

If your kidneys are very weak, you might want to take 3 pills 2-3 times per day.  Chinese herbs are medicine in China.  They are taken 2-3 times per day for a period of time.

With cordyceps, you will usually feel a lot better within a week.  If your kidney energy is very weak, it will take a little longer.  Once you are very deficient, your body has to build itself back up.  Look at it like filling up an empty glass.  If you are exhausted, your body has to get to normal before you can “feel” a difference.  It is still working on the underlying problems.

In the widget on the right, I have put a link to cordyceps 450 and cordyceps power.  This is my favorite herb of all time.  It will improve energy levels in anyone who takes it.  That is my experience.  All my patients like it.

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